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About Us

Serene by Nature was founded with a simple, yet profound idea in mind - to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere paired with natural haircare services that would truly enhance the beauty of each client we serve. It all began in 2009, when our founder, Michelle Johnson, drew inspiration from her own experiences with hair care and made it her mission to incorporate natural ingredients and techniques into her own salon's offerings.


Many of our clients begin to unwind the moment they walk in the door, greeted by worship music and sweet treats. Our goal is to make you feel refreshed and uplifted from the moment you arrive until you're services are complete and you're walking out the door!


Meet the Owner

Michelle Johnson, Owner/Founder/Natural Stylist

Michelle has been passionate about hair almost her entire life!  She became very interested in different hair textures whe she was only 6 years old.  Growing up with three sisters, she couldn't help but pay attention to all of the differences in their hair.  It was then her two aunts showed her how to do her first braid and taught her how to cornrow.  At the age of 9, she went into the bathroom and braided her entire head into a beautifully impressive hairstyle.  From that point on, her mom put her in charge of doing not only her own hair, but her sisters' hair too.  Over the next year, Michelle was also doing her cousins and neighbors hair as well!


Michelle graduated from Capri Institute and earned her Cosmetology License shortly after.  She also had the honor of meeting Joe Dudley, Sr., founder of Dudley Hair Care, and attended Dudley Cosmetology School for advanced training.  She holds certifications in leadership, business, small business enterprise & Barbicide, as well as coloring certifications from Wella & Clairol, with many classes in Goldwell, and Redken. 

Michelle is all about healthy, natural, fabulous hair!  It warms her heart each and every time she sees the faces of her clients as they see their hair do things they never thought possible.

Meet the Team

Experience the highest level of warm and friendly customer service at Serene by Nature. Our experienced team is knowledgeable about all the latest trends and techniques when it comes to haircare. We are passionate about providing personalized care and cater to individual needs.

View our services and make your appointment today to see the Serene by Nature difference.

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